Church History


June 6, 1947. Recorded in the minutes of Central Baptist Church in Livingston, is the following: “Motion was made and passed that the pastor, Ben H. Willmaker, appoint a missions committee to work with him in sponsoring a home missions work at Schwab City and Mt. Rose. This committee to have authority to use $47.50 called for in Associational Missions on such mission points as they may see necessary.” 

So was the beginning of Schwab City Baptist Church. The mission met at the school building that was no longer in use because of consolidation with Livingston schools. 

On August 13, 1947, Central Baptist Church voted to set aside August 31st as Schwab City day in their church to take special offering for the work there.

In June, 1948, Central Baptist Church voted that Mr. Bigby be authorized to borrow needed money for the construction of the church building at Schwab City and to secure the deed of trust on the property at Schwab City. Ogletree Lumber Company donated two acres of land to Schwab City Baptist Church located on highway 146. Timber was cut off the property and carried to a sawmill at Goodrich, That timber was used in construction of the first church building. There is an interesting entry in the church minutes dated November 1947. “Motion was made and approved that Wesley Taylor be paid $15.00 a day for five days to cut the timber and that he hire a man to help him.” 

Timber was also donated by Ollie Malone with W.C. Munson furnishing the nails. Tommy and Lena Snell and Boots and Ruth Tovrea went over to the mill and stacked the lumber to dry. The building was built with volunteer labor from the community and different oil field camps located at Schwab City at that time. To name a few — Gem Oil, Shell, Humble, Sun Oil, and Weaver Construction. These companies allowed the men to help build the church on company time — unheard of in this day and time.

The church was organized on October 17, 1948 with sixty-nine charter members. Central Baptist had voted on October 13, 1948 to grant church letters of Schwab City Baptist Church members just prior to its organization on the seventeenth.

A new church parsonage was built in 1973 at a total cost of $15,000.00, but valued on completion at $27,500.00. The debt was paid in full in 1975. The first occupants of the new parsonage were Brother Wayne Cook and family. 

A Church Building-Planning Committee was requested by the Deacons on January 21, 1976 to begin planning a new building and renovation of the old. The following were elected on February 18, 1976: Oliver Simpson, Stanley Lindsey, Herman Grimmie, Pat Wise, Marsh Kimes, Lewis Marks, Ustice Keen, Johnnie Ford, James “Pete” Johnson, Jewell Murphy, Laura Munson and Ruth McBride. The plans for a 40 x 85 foot auditorium and a 28 x 44 foot educational wing to be connected to the existing building were presented and approved by the church on August 22, 1976. The church was to be constructed of brick and have a seating capacity of 298.  A new roof was tore put on the existing building and it was also to be brick. The cost estimate was $55,000.000.

Construction began in February, 1977 and the church held its first service in the new building on Wednesday, July 6, 1977 with a study on “My House Shall Be Called the House Prayer.” The first Sunday service was July 10th, the sermon was entitled “The Glory of God Filling His House.” The building was dedicated on August 17, 1977 with Dr. Charles McLaughlin, Director of State Missions Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas giving the message.

In March 1979, a motion was presented by Stan Lindsey to begin remodeling the older part of the building. After lowering the ceilings , redoing the electrical wiring and installation of central heating and air conditioning, the dedication for this work was held in August 1981.

The total cost for remodeling the old building and building the new were $94,584.00. Less than two years after dedication of the remodeling of the old building, the church was debt free. The notes were burned on March 20, 1983. At inflationary values, the church building is now insured for $511,200.00 and the parsonage for $64,800.00. (2003 figures)

On March 13, 1988 Mr. Ogletree donated another acre of land, giving a total of three acres of property.

The new foyer on the church building was erected in 1992.

The new church parking area was started on January 19, 2007 and completed finished by February 9, 2007.Thanks to the efforts of so many volunteers and the donations that made all of this possible. Escapees RV Club furnished the equipment and Leon Culbertson, was equipment operator, lots of hard working church men doing needed labor and church ladies furnishing the meals. We had the parking lot paid for 100% with donations. A big thanks to all for this. 

At the present time (2008), of the sixty-nine charter members, two are still very active in the church, Lena Snell and Tincy Simpson. Also we note that Tincy has served as Church Clerk 45 years. Although no longer active in our church, Deloris Davis and Maxine Duff are still members. The oldest member is Edna Walters who turned 97 on April 6, 2008. Our present membership total is 433. (156 Resident & 277 Non-Resident)


G.A. O’Quinn (Mission Pastor)
O.A. Tomme (Mission Pastor)

J.R. Boone  (1948-1949)

James Still (1950-53) 3 Years

C.L. Williams (1953-56) 2 Years, 5 Months

Rex Holiday (1956-58) 2 Years, 2 Months

Preston Dumas (1959-60) 4 1/2 Months

B.A. Sigler (1960) 4 Months

T.C. Jones (1960-61) 11 Months

Doyle Cummins (1962-1967) 5 Years, 1 Month

Thurman Patrick (1967-68) 9 Months

Thomas Pixley (1968-72) 3 Years, 10 Months

Wayne Cook (1973-75) 2 Years, 5 Months

Ernest Johnson (1975-96) 21 Years, 2 Months

Don Casper (1997-2000) 2 Years, 5 Months

John Brimacombe (2000-02)  2 Years, 6 Months

David Jones (2004-Present)